Hardscapes in Gilbert

If you like the idea of having stone on your property that offers an antique vibe to your outdoor space, Copper Canyon Complete Care Corp.’s reclaimed cobblestones are perfect for your hardscapes.

The resiliency and durability of cobblestones are ideal for walkways, edging, courtyards and more.

Our pavers enable you to upgrade your property, transforming your landscape in virtually any way you can imagine. You can dramatically revamp large sections of your space with a new patio or driveway, or instead add a simple update to the entranceway of your house with a new paved walkway and still create significant curb appeal.

No matter the scale of the project you have planned, our diverse selection of premium paving stones includes options to suit your project size and budget.

Custom Pavers

Designed with the aesthetics of natural stone, clay brick, historic cobblestone and other materials, our pavers enable you to create stunning outdoor retreats on your Gilbert property.

Whether you want the space to look contemporary or traditional, we can supply pavers that will suit your personal style as well as complement the interior of your space.

Our innovative paving stones maintain their visual appeal for a lifetime. They boast a complex blend of minerals that contain surface wear resistance that will endure years of regular use and exposure to UV light. Other notable features of our pavers include:

  • Ultra-realistic textures
  • Strength up to four times more than poured concrete
  • Resistance to damage caused by extreme winter cycles
  • Superior stain resistance
  • Slip-resistant surfaces

Driveway Pavers

You’ve worked hard to make your home or business a place of comfort and serenity. A Copper Canyon Complete Care Corp. driveway is the peak of the pride you feel every time you come home to your space.

A paved driveway will enhance the curb appeal of your property and demonstrate your pride of ownership. As you consider the materials you want to use, try to replicate, augment or complement the architectural design of your home. A graceful flair at the edge of your property will allow cars to enter and exit with ease.

Hardscapes for Entrances and Walkways in Gilbert

Welcome family and friends, employees and customers– an entrance and walkway create an inviting transition into your home or business and connects all the elements of your landscape and hardscape.

The exterior of your property should set the stage for the textures and colors that you choose. Consider taking inspiration from the architectural features of your building and other elements of your landscape for a cohesive look and feel.

Your Patio Pavers

Create a patio that is truly an extension of your space. With Copper Canyon Complete Care Corp.’s pavers, you can craft an outdoor living space designed to connect with family and friends, employees and clients, away from the world’s distractions.

Add a fireplace or fire pit to add a focal point to your backyard design. If cooking outdoors is your passion, consider adding a kitchen to your patio – both are great options that transform your patio into an outdoor living room.

Whatever your patio needs, our hardscape contractors have you covered.

Call Copper Canyon Complete Care Corp. For Custom Hardscapes

For us, hardscapes are personal. Make your outdoor living space special with our custom designs. Whatever your vision is for your space, we can make it happen. Call us today for high-quality hardscapes tailored to your needs.